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Comité RI - Belgian Standing Intelligence Agencies Review Committee

In order to rationalize its information sources and improve their management, the Comité RI (Belgian Standing Intelligence Agencies Review Committee) has decided to develop a new information system.  In that context, the Comité RI has mandated Trilogy for setting up a requirements study and for searching a solution on the market based on an Integrated Document Management system (IDM - ECM) with a software integrator.  Particular attention has been paid to very specific security issues, considering the high degree of sensitivity of the data handled by the Comité RI.

After the selection phase, Trilogy, as advisor independent of the software integrators, has supported the Comité RI during the implementation and parametrization phase of the software, in order to ensure that requirements specified in the call for tender document and the contract signed with the software integrator, were fulfilled.

The IDM solution now in place includes workflow functionalities and allows the Comité RI for handling its information files in a more efficient way.  The system is operational since 2013.