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A workable project methodology

Clients recommend us based on our professional and pragmatic approach, our flexibility and our ability to adapt to each client environment.

This pragmatic approach is based on sound methodological fundamentals. Best practice frameworks, like Prince2 for project management are being refined into a workable approach for IT-projects in medium sized organizations.

Solid project management methodology is a necessary but inconclusive condition. There is a need for an architect who can develop a vision from the start and to translate it into a future application architecture. By this means we avoid to develop segregated IT-islands whilst keeping the scope manageable:

  • “Begin with the end in mind”: a central vision
  • “Keep it simple”: small bites at a time
  • “Reap the low hanging fruits first”: early result speed up the engine
  • “20% technology and 80% of change management”: take the ability to bear of the company into account

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