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Privacy & Cookies

How to contact us?

Company: Trilogy
Address: Rue de la Rive, 80 B-1200 Bruxelles
Entreprise number: BE0428.555.106
Phone: +32 479 265 650

What information do we collect?

During your visit to our site, the following data will be recorded:
• The IP address used by you equipment: PC, smartphone, …
• The numbers of the pages accessed
• The identification of the browser used and of the operating system running on your equipment

As an example : “The user with IP address 123.456.789 viewed 4 pages and was using Internet Explorer 12 running under Windows 10”.
That information is gathered through “cookies”.  By accessing our website, you authorize our website to create and maintain cookies on your PC or any other equipment used to access it.
However, you can block cookies by using specific settings of your Internet browser.
You will find more information on what is a cookie and how it works at the bottom of this page.
Collected data is anonymous and unsensitive.  They are used exclusively for the management of our website.  These data are unusable for marketing purposes.
The data collected is accessible only by Trilogy and by the subcontractor in charge of the management of our site.
If you happen to use the form of the contact page of our site to send us a message, know that this message is kept in the database of our site with the date and time of your message as well as the IP address of your connection. This message is also sent automatically to our email server (email server) to allow us to respond.
If you happen to use the form of the contact page of our site to send us a message, know that this message is kept in the database of our site with the date and time of your message as well as the IP address of your connection. This message is also sent automatically to our email server to allow us to handle your message.
If you provide us with personal information via this form, it goes without saying that we will treat them as discreetly as possible and in accordance with the legal requirements.
The personal data (name, telephone, email, ...) that you communicate to us via this form are kept in the form of an e-mail only. They are used to process your message. These data are not transferred to a structured database (CRM) to serve as a basis for subsequent marketing actions.

Data protection

The protection of your data is taken very seriously within Trilogy. We take the necessary steps to avoid data loss, unauthorized access to our systems, unwanted information postings, misuse of data.
If you believe that your data is not sufficiently protected or that indications of fraud exist, immediately contact us via the contact details at the top of this page.
In no way can we be held liable for any direct or indirect damage caused by the wrongful or fraudulent use of personal data by a third party.

Your rights

The law provides that you may consult and have modified, or deleted the data concerning you.
Since the data stored in the systems used are totally anonymous, this provision cannot apply to the data stored in databases related to the operation of our website.
If cookies were created on your equipment by our website, you can delete them freely.
Apart from the anonymous information stored in the management database of our site, there is no structured database on our computer systems containing personal data.

Cookies Policy

Cookies are small files created automatically and stored on the equipment you use to access our website.
These cookies are protected and exploitable only by the system that creates them. These cookies are illegible by any other system.
The information contained in the cookies created via our site does not make it possible to identify the person who accesses the site.
The consultation of our site entails the creation of two types of cookies: cookies created by our website and cookies created by a statistical system external to our site.

Blocking cookies

It is possible to prevent the creation of cookies on your equipment. You can instruct your Internet browser to prevent any cookie creation: ours and those of other sites visited. The corresponding instructions specific to the most common browsers are accessible by clicking on one of the following links: Internet Explorer, Firefox , Chrome, Safari, iOS.
In case of ban of cookies, the navigation on our site could be less comfortable.

Cookies on our website

Our website creates and uses two types of cookies:
- Temporary cookies related to each connection.
- Permanent cookies.

Temporary cookies allow the website to consistently manage your navigation during the same consultation session. For example, keeping the choice of the language you made at the beginning of the session to maintain this choice by going from one page to another. The temporary cookie is created when you start navigating on our site and will be erased when you leave our site.
A permanent cookie is created during your first access to our site and will be kept after closing your Internet browser. It is reused by our site with each new access. The cookie's shelf life varies according to its content, see table below.

Here is the information used by our site, their purpose and their shelf life:
- PHPSESSID: dentification of the navigation session to ensure consistent navigation from one page to another. Anonymous content. Temporary cookie: kept the time of the session.
- Frontend_language: Memorize the language choice made by the user. Temporary cookie: kept the time of the session.
- Track: A unique and anonymous automatic identification number which shows that the equipment has already been used to consult the site. Permanent cookie kept 12 months.
- Cookiebar status: Indicates if the cookie warning has already been displayed for this identifier. Permanent cookie kept 7 days.

Cookies for statistical purposes

A website must evolve according to its use, it is therefore essential to have statistics on the way visitors use it: number of pages viewed, duration of the session, type of Internet browser, system of exploitation of the equipment used, ...
To have this information, treat it globally and improve our site, we use a third party application: Google Analytics.
Google Analytics records, among other things, the following information:
• How the user arrived on the first page of our site: by a search, by directly entering the address of the site, ...
• The identification of the pages consulted
• The duration of consultation of each page
• Which link the user clicks during navigation
As a reminder, this information is completely anonymous. There is no desire to identify the person accessing the website.

Here are the cookies used by Google Analytics, their purpose and their shelf life:
- _ga : A unique and anonymous automatic identification number to show that the user has already visited the site. Permanent cookie kept 38 months.
- _gat : Te reduce the number of requests to Permanent cookie kept 38 months.

However, if you do not want cookies to be created by Google Analytics on your system, you can opt out of this by installing a module provided by Google. This module can be installed via the following link: Do not forget to select your language.